Festivals in the UK are not just about the music; they’re about creating a memorable and immersive experience for attendees. One way to enhance the ambiance and comfort of your festival space is by incorporating trendy and eco-friendly pallet furniture. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring pallet furniture for UK festivals and how festival furniture hire services can elevate your event.

The Rise of Pallet Furniture:
Pallet furniture has become a popular choice for event planners and festival organisers due to its rustic charm, versatility, and sustainability. The use of recycled pallets aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the event industry. From seating arrangements to bespoke bars, pallet furniture offers a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that stands out in any festival setting, creating a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Why Choose Pallet Furniture Hire?

Aesthetic Appeal:

Pallet furniture adds a touch of bohemian chic to your festival setup. The natural wooden finish and minimalist design create a laid-back atmosphere that resonates with the free-spirited nature of festivals. Our furniture hire service also allows you to choose coloured seat pads, injecting vibrant, summery & joyful vibes into your festival seating. 

F1 British Grand Prix Silverstone Hospitality Rustic Lounge Furniture Hire


Festival furniture hire at More Productions offers a wide range of pallet furniture options, including pallet sofas, tables, cube seats, benches, poseur stools and bars. This versatility allows you to create customised spaces, whether it’s for dining areas or lounge spaces that can accommodate large groups.

Eco-Friendly Option

Sustainability is a key concern for many festival-goers. By opting for pallet furniture hire, you contribute to the eco-friendly movement by repurposing materials and reducing waste. This eco-conscious choice can also enhance your festival’s reputation among environmentally conscious attendees. We also have sustainable material options for our seat pads.

Outdoor luxury rattan furniture to hire for Chelsea Flower Show hospitality areas

Easy Setup and Removal:

Pallet furniture is designed to be modular and easy to set up, making the logistics of your festival smoother. Additionally, More Production can handle the delivery, setup, and removal of the furniture, saving you time and effort.

Festival Furniture Hire Services:

When it comes to sourcing pallet furniture for your festival, it’s crucial to partner with a reliable festival furniture hire service. We are known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our catalogue includes a variety of pallet furniture pieces suitable for festivals of all sizes, ensuring a seamless and stylish addition to your event. We’re thrilled to share highlights from our recent collaborations at some of the most prestigious festivals:

Soho House Festival:

For two consecutive years, we’ve had the honour of supplying rustic furniture to elevate the VIP hospitality tents at the renowned Soho House Festival. Picture this: sumptuous gatherings surrounded by the warmth of rustic pieces. In 2022, pastel green, yellow, and peach seat pads added a touch of whimsy, while 2023 saw the infusion of breathtaking sunset hues in shades of orange and peach. Brace yourselves for 2024 – another year of spectacular colour palettes that promises to leave festival-goers in awe. Stay tuned for the grand reveal of this year’s selection!

Reading and Wireless Festival Nandos Brand Activation:

Working with the esteemed event agency Fox Wylie, we orchestrated a captivating brand activation for Nandos at Reading & Wireless Festival. Our pallet sofas, cube seats, bench seats, and industrial range were chosen. Red and black tolix stools and sleek black oil drum poseur tables complemented Nandos’ branding, ensuring an immersive and on-brand experience for festival attendees.

Vibrancy at Barcode Festival in the Heart of London:

Bringing our festival magic to the heart of London, we provided bench seats, cube seats, and coffee tables for Barcode Festival. The colourful rainbow seat pads not only reflected the vibrant Barcode branding but also added a playful pop against the urban backdrop of the cityscape. Our relaxed festival seating became a stylish oasis, inviting attendees to unwind and soak in the festivities in style.

This is not your average pallet furniture; this is crafted with an eye for detail. Our pallet pieces seamlessly blend rustic charm with a touch of extravagance. So whether you find yourself lounging in the VIP tents of Soho House Festival or immersing in the brand activation at Reading & Wireless Festival, our luxury pallet furniture ensures that every moment is not just experienced but indulged in style. Join us in redefining festival luxury, where the rustic meets the refined, and every seating arrangement becomes a statement of unparalleled elegance.

As the demand for unique and sustainable festival experiences continues to grow, pallet furniture hire emerges as a trendy and eco-friendly solution. By incorporating these rustic pieces into your festival setup, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a more sustainable and memorable event. 

The stage is set, get in touch with us to create some more festival magic this upcoming season!